Trying Out Something New: Drum Lessons in Melbourne

drummingA good friend of mine recently invited me to join her in doing drum lessons. At first, I was surprised that there was such a thing. Of course, as a kid, I took some lessons in music but I never realized that they also offer them to adults. To be honest, I was not very much into playing instruments so I was hesitant to join.

My friend, however, tried to convince me by orienting me on the health benefits of drumming. She didn’t enroll for the classes simply to be a drummer, though she had always wanted to learn. Instead, when she went to randomly visit Red Drum Music Studios page on the Internet, she found out about the classes and how it can bring a lot of advantages. She then decided to sign up and find out for herself.

Drumming can bring benefits on a personal and social level. Individuals can find that playing this instrument can be therapeutic, and help with medical and psychological issues. For those who do not have specific issues with the health, they can still enjoy a better quality of life. This means they can find the classes as a positive addition to their routine. People who play with others can also find themselves able to connect with each other through music.

Therapeutic Advantages

As mentioned earlier, playing drums might actually be used as therapy. In general, music therapy is used to reduce tension, anxiety, and stress. It can also help one get over traumatic situations. Through music, difficult emotions that cannot be expressed into words can be conveyed through the drums. Not only is it a creative way of letting these feelings out, there is less fear that people will be judgmental or react negatively to how they feel deep down. This is why some hospitals have incorporated music into many counseling sessions.

This means people who are suffering a variety of psychological issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger management issues, eating disorders, autism, and even addiction can consider playing drums to help them deal with their struggles.

Beyond helping with a host of psychological disorders, playing drums can also help with physical conditions. This includes helping control chronic pain and boosting the immune system. Concentrating on the rhythm and on coordinating the hands and feet can be a great distraction for those who suffer from pain. Moreover, drumming releases endorphins, which is the body’s natural painkiller. Lastly, stress can be bad for the immune system because it reduces the production of the white blood cells. Therefore, reducing stress can, in the end, boost the body’s ability to fight off diseases.

A Better Life Quality

As the immune system is boosted, pain reduced, and sickness prevented, you can enjoy a better and healthier life. The endorphins that are released will ensure higher spirits and an overall good feeling every day.

Beyond these advantages, even non-musicians can still find playing drums a way to express themselves and show their creativity. Through playing, they can connect with their deeper selves and their emotions. They can also focus on the moment, and tune out unnecessary thoughts and worries. These are very important nowadays as we all live in a very stressful and busy world. Being able to tune out is a skill that needs to be learned in order to keep our peace and sanity and at the same time, connecting with our deeper thoughts and finding a way to express them can make us feel lighter. After all, who wants to bring with them feelings of inadequacy, loneliness and other similar emotions every single day? We only live once, and every day we should try to enjoy and make the most of it.

A More Connected Community

In this day and time, this sense of community that used to exist has completely disappeared, especially if you live in big cities. A century ago, people say hello and help each other out. Nowadays, you are even lucky if you know the names of your neighbors, much more actually communicate with them.

If you miss being part of a group or a social circle, you can try joining a drum group. Music has always had this amazing ability to bring people together and you can expect the same when you play drums together with others. After all, group drumming has no space for self-centeredness and alienation. This is also a reason why for many centuries, older cultures have put so much emphasis on music and specifically, on drums.

Like my friend, I eventually decided to try out one session not because I had dreams of joining a rock band and being a musician. To be honest, I am so bad with coordinating my hands and feet that I was afraid that I would just mess up. But as I tried the class, I realized that this was not the point, I was learning not to be a professional musician but to actually learn how to use the drums to express myself. In fact, I did have quite a lot of fun and found myself finally signing up for the classes myself!

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