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Going for Your First Facial Treatment? Read this First

When I first had my facial treatment at my now-favourite Doncaster salon, nobody actually told me how to prepare for it like what should I wear or the things that I need to do during or after the procedure. I thought that it was as simple as going for a regular haircut or having my mani and pedi. I also thought of taking additional steps to prepare for the ‘big day’. As it turned out, there were several things that I got all wrong when I went for my facial. If this is your first time to seek such a treatment, I feel you. That’s why you may want to read this first before you head out for the treatment.

For starters, don’t make the same mistake as I did. Don’t do anything unusual with your skin prior to your visit. I know you want to look your best when you show up for the treatment. But believe me, this will only be counterproductive. You see, your aesthetician would like to see and evaluate your skin in its most ‘normal’ state – meaning, the state of your skin on a daily basis. If you are going to use astringent or any other chemical to prepare for the ‘big day’, your aesthetician won’t have a very good idea of the ‘natural’ state of things about your skin. My advice? Keep all of your daily routines normal. If you’re putting makeup every day like I do, keep on doing that. If you only wash it once a day like some people I know, then keep at it until your treatment.

Always have a goal in mind before you head to the clinic. I surely didn’t have this. That’s why when it was my turn at the table, we were really having a hard time focusing on what I really want done on my face. So think about it now. What about your face that you would like to be managed by your aesthetician? Is it dark spots? How about acne or even blackheads? The thing is you’ve got to have something to work with even before you set your foot through those doors. This will also help your aesthetician determine the best and most appropriate product to use on your skin.

Write down any questions that you may have for the aesthetician. Don’t pretend that you’ve got great memory. I do. But when the time came for me to ask those questions, I already forgot them or at least some of them. Now you may think that will not happen to you. It’s always a lot better to have them written down just in case. Think of all those questions that have been bugging you all this time. Write them down as soon as you get the chance. Remember, these may be mere afterthoughts, but they can prove very important when the right time comes.

Go through your drawer and cabinet and write down every product that you have been using on your face. Make sure you have the brand names and the active ingredients of these products. Any other treatments or medications that you may have taken in the past, whether it is for the skin or otherwise, should also be accounted for. This is important so your aesthetician can identify any gaps in your current facial treatment routine as well as problems that may be brought about by these products.

It is also important to make a list of all skin conditions or medical conditions that you may have been diagnosed with. Some of the treatments for these medical problems often have side effects that present on the skin.

On the big day, wear something that is comfortable for you. More importantly, I’d recommend wearing something that is easy to take off and change in.

Good luck on your very first facial treatment. If you stick to my pieces of advice, I’m confident you’ll never have to worry about going through the same first-time jitters that I went through.

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Hairstyling the Korean Way

korean hairstyleHair is the crowning glory not just for both men and women, even for the young and the old. The mere change of hair color can either bring you an extra layer of sultriness or of innocence. The mere change of cut can either add more years to your face or the contrary. My point is, we all should pay attention to our hair.

In my case, I like to experiment with hairstyles. Reason why, I am partially slanted towards Korean hairstyle since day one. Some people though, have a version to the unique and sometimes outrageous hairstyles of Koreans, but that is only because they booked the wrong stylist or went to the wrong salon.

If you want that the hairstyle that suits in Melbourne, there is only one place I go to, and that is the Nara Hair- Korean Salon in CBD.

It’s always a rewarding experience every time I visit Nara Hair. The salon offers wide range of services including full head foil, blow wave, straightening or perm treatments, hair extensions, and hair coloring. They maintain an online site where you see a display of their professional services, hairstyles, company background, and a booking form.

Apart from the fact that I get the hairstyle that I want, the treatment of the staff is above par. Nara Hair certainly does value great customer service. In fact, when you read reviews, hundreds of other clients have nothing but positive to say about Nara Hair. In general, what is it about Korean salons that cut them above others?

Here are some of my thoughts:

The habit of becoming beautiful is deeply embedded in the Korean culture. And, you all need a little convincing as regards the veracity of this claim.

A friend of mine who has vacationed with a Korean told me that it took them around 1 to 2 hours just to prep themselves up. Koreans follow both beauty and hair rituals so religiously that they get out of their house looking like dolls every time. It’s really in their culture. And so, when it comes to your hair, you know you are better off entrusting yourself to the capable hands of a stylist who cares about beauty more than anyone else. They know best of what’s right for your profile and lifestyle– the right cut, color, length, and technique. It’s passion for them, and so I’m guessing that these hair professionals find satisfaction in grooming the hair of their clients.

Korean hairstylists take time. They’re meticulous.

I have proved how meticulous and thorough Korean stylists are when I was at Nara Hair. Even the manner they blow dried my hair is done professionally and carefully. If at a regular salon, you will achieve your desired long-layered shaggy in 30 minutes, at Korean salons, you will get at least 30 minutes to an hour more. That’s how they deliver perfection to every service they provide their customers. You can really sense that they take the task of trimming your hair seriously. Not to mention, their hair professionals are highly trained with the latest techniques, so you surely know you’re in good hands.

They communicate well with their customers. They accommodate customer preferences, but at the same time, they also give professional advice.

I know that there is a language barrier, but that doesn’t stop Koreans have providing quality services to their customers in Melbourne. Some salons go as far as hiring interpreters to bridge the communication gap just so the customers could effectively express their preferences to the Korean hairstylists. The stylists, in turn, cordially express their professional advice to their customers. Let’s give an example. If you want the 1920’s flapper kind of bob but unfortunately you have a square face, I’m pretty sure your stylist will advise you to have an alternative cut with the similar length and effect but with different technique. Bob cuts won’t look precisely pleasing when you have strong jawlines. You will look even boxier. An alternative short cut will do, perhaps one with distinct graded layers.

Also, the stylists take into consideration your lifestyle. If you’re an executive, they would certainly give you that look oozing with feminine authority and not the stereotypical Korean superstar look. Remember that the end goal here is to make you look even more beautiful, and not awkward.

They use the latest technology.

Yes, that’s right, they use only the latest and the safest innovation in technology, from hair products down to the salon tools and equipment. I was so relieved that they have digital perming which produces more accurate curl results without drying my hair.

I have also heard from a friend that Korean products are more likely to be free from paraben, so they’re relatively safe to use.

They have wide range of services.

Lastly and most importantly, Korean salons such as Nara Hair normally offer you a one-stop care for both hair and beauty. At Nara Hair, they don’t just condition, wax, perm or style your hair, they also provide you with beauty services. Among their available beauty services are the following: eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, facial skin care, and body waxing. For someone like me who have hectic work schedule, it is always a relief to know that you can conveniently do both facials and haircuts in one sitting.

What more, Nara Hair has an online booking service which is quite advantageous to customers. If you’re in dire need of a haircut, then I suggest you visit the salon’s website to see for yourself how they flare in their services. If you’re not sure which cut suits you, then consult with the experts at Nara Hair. They sure know what cut would bring out the best in you.

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Beauty Tips For Pregnancy

Here are a couple of beauty tips particularly for our readers that are pregnant.

Dry skin

Your skin might become drier in the later phases of pregnancy and it might impact various regions of your body. To help to fight dryness try than you did prior to pregnancy, using light, gentle cleansers, soaps or shower gels to stay with more amazing showers and baths. For excessive dryness attempt using as an all-natural skin scrub, such a loofah, or a soft facial brush. Keep tubs and showers consistently and brief follow with a great moisturiser. Stay hydrated with lots of bottled or filtered water, glass bottles are best as there are now anxieties about chemicals found in plastic bottles.

Facial skin

Antibiotic treatments acne treatments and skin lotions which contain derivatives of vitamin A shouldn’t be used during pregnancy. To cleanse your skin affectively consider a soft facial brush with a chemical free facial cleanser. Ideally you are able to make your own cleanser – oatmeal blended with natural yoghurt (1:1) can be quite affective for most skin types. You can try refreshing pineapple and cucumber pulp or moisturising crushed avocado flesh. Simply apply and rinse as you’d your normal cleanser. Avoid using soaps in your face as they might include emolients that could block pores. In case your skin becomes oily during pregnancy attempt using blotting papers to soak up excess oils.

Hair care

A low care hair style is recommended during pregnancy but this does not have to mean having your hair cut short, you can consistently find means to lift your hair into a rather ‘up do’. There are lots of accessories which will allow you to keep a simple to handle but female fashion! Use slides, clips and hair bands to attain an immediately wieldy appearance that’s practical for you. Consult with a professional stylist for guidance on cuts and the best way to make use of accessories efficiently. It’s usually believed that colouring isn’t a good idea during pregnancy.

Make up

Invest in a few good quality eyelash curlers, an excellent trick! Some girls find that their lashes aren’t as empty during pregnancy but using curlers can actually improve what you do have, and help to open up those eyes that are worn-out! Keep your go for products which are as natural as possible and make up straightforward. A tinted moisturiser, mascara, concealer, rouge and unbiased lip gloss are all you need to have to appear stunning.

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Perfume Tips – How To Properly Apply Perfume

Applying an excessive amount of fragrance can be a turn off to those around us and sometimes in extreme cases can cause allergies and may cause in particular individuals to get migraines. The key problem is the fact that we get desensitized to the scents we might not be conscious of how much we’re in fact putting on and wear daily.

Choosing the best scent is incredibly significant. Everyone has their own manner of choosing the scent they love wearing. Start by applying a little spray to the rear of your wrist, wait 20 minutes, then smell it to see in the event that you still adore it. Colognes have described as top, mid, and base notes. Top notes are the most volatile of the aroma and supply the very first smell perception after applied to the skin. These tend to evaporate rapidly lasting only five to thirty minutes. Though uplifting fresh, in nature and have a tendency to be light, all these are often cheap. Central notes are the core of the scent making up the body of the mix. The middle notes may take between ten to thirty minutes to grow entirely on the skin. These are generally soft and warm. Base notes are often the aroma notes that are extreme and heavy. They help provide the scent its holding power and slow down the evaporation rates of the lighter notes. Bear in mind that not all designer perfumes are appropriate for everybody.

To learn when you’re truly one of those that abuses their scent program, use your perfume as usual then wait five seconds and after that place a tissue on such area. You’ve applied an excessive amount of cologne, in case the tissue sticks. Here are a few ideas to remember when applying your favourite cologne. Before applying cologne or bath shower. Your skin absorbs better after it’s been wet and scent will last more than on skin that’s dry. Set cologne on you pulse points, bend of your elbows, interior of your wrist, back of your neck, interior and behind your knees of your ankles. Just one spray for every beat point remember to do it softly and is adequate. One other good method to ensure you and to apply cologne are not over doing it would be to spray the scent into the air and walk through the mist.

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Amazing Touch of Beauty

Did you ever wonder what’s astonishing in regards to the touch of woman’s attractiveness? It may seem it is just the natural beauty which makes them much more appealing but you do not understand there’s a particular standards that makes a girl prominent in terms of attractiveness. Besides this, there actually is a demand to plenty of knowledge that is named “expertise” to read a woman’s touch of beauty.

The most precious thing that’s amazing in attractiveness is a special strength that reveals your style. The touch of your face which also glows can be one great advantage not to mention about your internal beauty. Undoubtedly folks around you are going to inquire, how do you keep that sort of appearance? Is there any secret or magic recipe needed to really do it? They’re envy, interested and fascinated they keep believing, how is it possible? Occasionally lots of questions are left unanswered.

The word “amazing” comes in to people’s thoughts once they see you and they can not describe or can not even say a thing about you. It’s that difficult unless in the event you know the man well, to cope with this particular type of scenario. The fact is it lies on how accurate they’re to themselves although, girl will socialize for individuals to recognize who they actually are. Because there’s something which amazes them that they understand it could make them happy for the remainder of their life, the reason guys are drawn to girl is. Up to now, it depends upon a lady ‘s nature as well as the manner that they confront the scenario up. There’s a good deal a lot more to understand about girl’s interest particularly in attractiveness which can impact their lives also when they simply dismiss it.

All of the time is the best thing that I could be for me to be joyful, as I mention being amazing. All of this is an excellent source to keep the astonishing touch of your attractiveness, with assistance from the skincare products that we use daily. Especially, those aesthetic that we apply to our face give us healthy and more glowing skin. In addition, it adds attractiveness points that are added to us that may improve our character.

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