Find Top Exercise Machine Deals During Amazon Prime Day in Australia

I never thought there was much need to invest in home gym equipment, especially since gyms are easy to find in any Australian city.

But if there is anything that fitness lovers like me have learned this year, it never hurts to have some workout equipment at home.

Even when there is no lockdown or movement restrictions, there are huge advantages to training at home.


Working out at home is simply convenient. You do not even have to leave your home to get fit, and you can exercise any time you want (as long as you are not bothering the neighbors, of course!)

Sanitation and Cleanliness

How many times have I seen dingy fitness equipment and shuddered inside?

While sweat and some germs were my only concerns back then, now I have to worry if the person who used the machine before me is carrying some dangerous virus

I do not want to catch. The easiest thing to do is to get my own equipment.

What About The Cost Of Investing In Your Home Gym Equipment?

Tons of people opt for a gym membership because it is so much cheaper than setting up your home gym.

While this remains to be true, it does not mean that the only way to work out at home is to spend thousands of dollars first.

The fact is, you just need to be clear about what you want to achieve. Specifically, what kinds of workout do you want to do at home?

Do you want to do cardio exercises, strength training, or a little bit of everything?

What kind of exercises and machines do you need? In most cases, exercises do not require bulky and expensive equipment. Instead, a set of weights may be just what you need.

Know Where and When To Buy Exercise Machines

Once you know exactly what you want to invest in, you can start slowly looking for great deals.

It might take time for you to complete your home gym, but you could end up saving hundreds of dollars by waiting for a good offer.

Finding good online offers can be tricky, especially when you are not sure about the website selling the items.

I am sure that I do not want to pay hundreds of dollars to an online seller who might end up cheating me. This is why I get very picky about where I purchase my equipment.

Beyond the fear of being cheated, I also want to be assured of the quality of the product I am buying. A site that offers returns, warranty, or will respond to their customers is exactly what I try to look for.

This is one of the reasons why I prefer to buy through Amazon. Sure, there are sports retailers out there who have great deals, but some of them also sell through Amazon.

The best thing is that on one site, I can access these offers and many more. Beyond that, I know I can find good prices, especially during the upcoming 2020 Amazon Prime Day in Australia.

While most people will be running after discounts on Amazon products or other gadgets, one of the biggest savings is actually on sports equipment.

Last year, Adidas slashed their prices on shoes and clothing in half, for example, but even a 15 to 20% discount on a cardio machine, kettlebell weights, and other home gym equipment can translate to hundreds of dollars saved. Count me in!

Plus, if you are stuck at home or if you are too scared to go back to your neighborhood gym for months, you can swap those classes and one-on-one trainer time with health and fitness shoes available in Prime Video.

With your Amazon Prime membership, you should be able to access tons of them for free.


Working out at home is not just the new norm, but it will simply become more common in the future. Investing in your home gym right now might be the best investment you make on your health and well-being this year.