Going for Your First Facial Treatment? Read this First

When I first had my facial treatment at my now-favourite Doncaster salon, nobody actually told me how to prepare for it like what should I wear or the things that I need to do during or after the procedure. I thought that it was as simple as going for a regular haircut or having my mani and pedi. I also thought of taking additional steps to prepare for the ‘big day’. As it turned out, there were several things that I got all wrong when I went for my facial. If this is your first time to seek such a treatment, I feel you. That’s why you may want to read this first before you head out for the treatment.

For starters, don’t make the same mistake as I did. Don’t do anything unusual with your skin prior to your visit. I know you want to look your best when you show up for the treatment. But believe me, this will only be counterproductive. You see, your aesthetician would like to see and evaluate your skin in its most ‘normal’ state – meaning, the state of your skin on a daily basis. If you are going to use astringent or any other chemical to prepare for the ‘big day’, your aesthetician won’t have a very good idea of the ‘natural’ state of things about your skin. My advice? Keep all of your daily routines normal. If you’re putting makeup every day like I do, keep on doing that. If you only wash it once a day like some people I know, then keep at it until your treatment.

Always have a goal in mind before you head to the clinic. I surely didn’t have this. That’s why when it was my turn at the table, we were really having a hard time focusing on what I really want done on my face. So think about it now. What about your face that you would like to be managed by your aesthetician? Is it dark spots? How about acne or even blackheads? The thing is you’ve got to have something to work with even before you set your foot through those doors. This will also help your aesthetician determine the best and most appropriate product to use on your skin.

Write down any questions that you may have for the aesthetician. Don’t pretend that you’ve got great memory. I do. But when the time came for me to ask those questions, I already forgot them or at least some of them. Now you may think that will not happen to you. It’s always a lot better to have them written down just in case. Think of all those questions that have been bugging you all this time. Write them down as soon as you get the chance. Remember, these may be mere afterthoughts, but they can prove very important when the right time comes.

Go through your drawer and cabinet and write down every product that you have been using on your face. Make sure you have the brand names and the active ingredients of these products. Any other treatments or medications that you may have taken in the past, whether it is for the skin or otherwise, should also be accounted for. This is important so your aesthetician can identify any gaps in your current facial treatment routine as well as problems that may be brought about by these products.

It is also important to make a list of all skin conditions or medical conditions that you may have been diagnosed with. Some of the treatments for these medical problems often have side effects that present on the skin.

On the big day, wear something that is comfortable for you. More importantly, I’d recommend wearing something that is easy to take off and change in.

Good luck on your very first facial treatment. If you stick to my pieces of advice, I’m confident you’ll never have to worry about going through the same first-time jitters that I went through.