Physiotherapy Amazingly Helped Me Recover from Sports Injuries

Being an athlete in our school keeps me busy and, at the same time, helps me enjoy student life. This is because I have an outlet to help myself get rid of the stresses I encounter whenever I have to prepare for exams, answer questions during exams, and whenever I have to beat the deadlines for the many academic requirements. I am part of the schools women’s volleyball team and whenever I get to join my teammates during practice I couldn’t help but feel ecstatic and energetic. It’s like shaking off the negative vibes of the whole day. However, for almost two years of being in the team, I can’t deny the fact that I suffered from several injuries that thankfully are just minor ones. I know and understand that injuries are part of being in any sport but also has some downsides. Aside from the minor injuries, there are also times that I suffer from muscle and joint pains. Before, I used to endure and never get bothered about these physical conditions. But when I started feeling that the injuries are preventing me from playing at my best and from enjoying every game, I decided to look for an effective way to address my situation. Luckily, I stumbled upon a Werribee sports physiotherapy clinic near our school.

One day after our practice at the gym, I dropped by at the physio clinic and asked several questions about physical therapy. A very charming and approachable receptionist entertained me and gladly answered every question I asked. First, I told her about the things I experience during and after I attend volleyball practices and games with other schools. I also told her that I have been suffering from minor injuries and muscle pains for the past several months. I wanted to know whether or not physical therapy is going to help me to effectively recover from the physical conditions I have been enduring. The receptionist showed me a sports injuries list and I was enlightened that the therapy is something that would really help me. But before we proceeded with the further discussion of the methods and benefits of physio, she first introduced to me the clinic. She discussed its background and its length of years of operation and providing medical services to the people in our area. I was impressed with the clinic’s background but I was more impressed with the things I learned about the therapy’s benefits.

I was amazed with the fact that I can recover from sports injuries without taking any medication. It means that I don’t have to put foreign and synthetic elements inside my body. I learned that the therapy just involves certain light exercises and range of motion exercises to help the body adjust from the undesirable physical conditions. Continuously doing the said exercises will help the muscles and bones strengthen themselves. When this is achieved, I will be able to play at my best during practices, during friendly games and during official competitions we have to participate in. The receptionist demonstrated to me some basic range of motion exercises that will help me recover from the very minor injuries in my ankles and wrists. After her demonstration, I was instructed to perform the exercises slowly so I can make sure that every step I make is correct. After some tries, I was instructed to do the exercises with a normal pace. Then, she also demonstrated other set of exercises that I have to do every day. I left the clinic with so much valuable information and with so much excitement because I finally have a way to address the muscle pains and minor sports injuries.

One month after I visited the physiotherapy clinic, I couldn’t help but feel amazed with the results. I perform the exercises for around 20 to 30 minutes every day and saw a huge change after four weeks. I didn’t have to spend money on some artificial medicines nor equipment. I only have to pay a small fee in my few visits at the clinic and now I am enjoying a stronger, healthier and more able body. During the first week, I had to adjust to the schedule and I had to really be strict in performing the exercises on schedule. But after that, I found it easy to make the physio exercises a normal part of my everyday life as a student. Whenever I play with my teammates, I can’t help but notice the flexibility of my bones and elasticity of my muscles.

Today, it’s been three months since I decided to walk inside the clinic. I must say that it’s one of the best and wisest decisions I have made in my life so far. I recommended the therapy to other members of our team who have also been suffering from minor injuries.